Share your favorite songs with the world through your own 'trebble'

Build your own

Through your own station, which we call a Trebble, share your favourite tracks at any time all over the world. 


Embed Anywhere

Embed the Trebble Music Player directly into your blog or personal website to make sharing your the music you love with your followers easier than ever. 


Perfect Mix of Familiarity and Discovery

Our algorithm will create a balance of popular hits and undiscovered gems unique to each listener, which is sure to keep your audience listening and enjoying the vibe you set. 

embed_anywhere01 (2).jpg

Empowered with Detailed Analytics

Trebble’s analytics tools allows you to monitor the activity of your Trebble, see which of your shared tracks are a hit within the community, and track your listeners. Trebble supplies you with all the tools you need to become a music curating maestro.