After spending three months at the Founder Institute, I am now set to graduate and I think this is a great time to reflect. Personally, I feel as though this has been an extremely valuable journey and there are things that I will take with me; however, there are also some things that I wish to share.

Firstly, it has been an eye-opening experience going through the process of building a venture along with others at the same time. For over two years, I have been working on ‘Trebble’ and it had always been my project. With no other people hearing or seeing my progress, I used to wake up and feel as though I was the only one seeing the potential that could come. Over the two year period, I came across some tough times and they could fill blog posts alone but, with this, I can honestly say that the Founder Institute has eased the burden for me. With others that are going through the exact same thing, I no longer feel alone.

Secondly, the opportunity to listen to experienced entrepreneurs with a successful track record has been invaluable. Rather than typing a generic question into a search engine, Founder Institute gave me the opportunity to talk to industry leaders and gauge their opinions regarding my idea. Previously, I have tried to connect with some on my own but to no avail. With the Founder Institute, I have gained a network of valuable resources.

Thirdly, I believe that the program itself is structured in an amazing way; ultimately, it attempts to cover every single pillar for a minimum viable company. Before the Founder Institute, I had attempted to improve my business prowess and enhance my point of view but the program allowed me to really challenge what I have done to this point. For a long time, I knew that I wasn't comfortable in some areas of business but the Founder Institute has forced me to get on with it and learn these skills. For example, I was never able to summarise my business venture quickly because I would feel the need to explain it in depth. After completing all of the assignments set during the program, I know that my business has improved as a result.

Finally, I would like to add that my graduation from the Founder Institute confirms to me and the world that Trebble is not a ‘waste of time’. Instead, it has all the key elements to be viable and even scalable after introduction. Of course, there is still a long way to go and this journey will involve a lot of hard work but I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments to date and I have the required confidence in my support system that has developed from the program. This, coupled with my passion and belief, should allow me to achieve my goals. Congratulations to all the FI graduates!